Ceramic Metal Halide

SKUDescriptionWattageColor Temp
69043MC15TF/U/GU6.5/830 - Sylvania 6904315 Watt3000K
29703CMH20/T/UVC/U/830/G12 GE Metal Halide20 Watt3000K
85110CMH20MR16/830/FL MR16 Flood 3000K20 Watt3000K
85086CMH20T/U/830GU6.5 - Metal Halide GU6.5 Base - 3000K20 Watt3000K
92696CMH20TC/U830G8.5 - Metal Halide G8.5 Base - 3000K20 Watt3000K
39858CMH20/TC/U/830/G8.5 - Metal Halide G8.5 Base - 3000K20 Watt3000K
29487CMH20PAR30/SP10 - Metal Halide PAR - 3000K20 Watt3000K
140400CDM20/TM/830 - Metal Halide PGJ5 Base- 3000K20 Watt3000K
408500CDM20/TM/830/GU6.5 - Metal Halide GU6.5 Base- 3000K20 Watt3000K
64977MC20TF/U/GU6.5/830 - Sylvania 6497720 Watt3000K
64265MCP39PAR20/U/830/FL/PB - Sylvania 6426520 Watt3000K
85101CMH20MR16/830/SP MR16 Flood 3000K20 Watt3000K
64975MC20TC/U/G8.5/830 Ceramic Metal Halide Sylvania # 6497520 Watt3000K
410472CDM20/830/G12 Elite - MasterColor CDM-T Elite 20W/830 T6 # 41047220 Watt3000K
93095370CMH20/T/UVC/U/830/G12PLUS - GE Metal Halide20 Watt3000K
93095260CMH35/T/UVC/U/930/GU6.5 - Metal Halide G12 Base- 3000K35 Watt3000K
93102226CMH35/MR16/UVC/U/930/GX10/WFL - Metal Halide MR16 - 3000K35 Watt3000K
93102224CMH35/MR16/UVC/U/930/GX10/SP - Metal Halide MR16 - 3000K - Spot35 Watt3000K
93095377CMH35/T/UVC/U/930/G12 - Metal Halide G12 Base- 3000K35 Watt3000K
211391CDM35/TM/930- Metal Halide PGJ5 Base- 3000K35 Watt3000K
430728MASTERColor CDM-R111 Elite 35W/930 GX8.5 10D35 Watt3000K
223289CDM35/T6/830 Ceramic Metal Halide PHilips # 22328935 Watt3000K
373720CDM-TC 35W/830 G8.5 Ceramic Metal Halide Philips # 37372035 Watt3000K
418798CDM35/TM/930/GU6.5 ELITE - Philips 418798 - 35 Watt -  Metal Halide35 Watt3000K
409144CDM35/T6/930 Ceramic Metal Halide PHilips # 40914435 Watt3000K
93095262Ceramic Metal Halide CMH35/T/UVC/U/942/GU6.5 - Metal Halide GU6.5 Base- 4200K35 Watt4200K
209573CDM35/TC/942/G8.5 35 Watt 4200K G8.5 Base35 Watt4200K
71484CMH39TU/930/GU6.5 39 Watt 3000K GU6.5 Base39 Watt3000K
90352CMH39TC/U/830/G8.5 39 Watt 3000K G8.5 Base39 Watt3000K
20153Ceramic Metal Halide CMH39TU/UVC/830/G12 - 20153 - Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp39 Watt3000K
42067Ceramic Metal Halide CMH39PAR30FL - 42067 - Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp39 Watt3000K
45066Ceramic Metal Halide CMH39PAR30LSP10 - Metal Halide PAR30 - 3000K - Spot39 Watt3000K
71489Ceramic Metal Halide CMH39MR16/930/FL - Metal Halide MR16- 3000K39 Watt3000K
64264MCP39PAR20/U/830/SP/PB - Sylvania 6426439 Watt3000K
64270MCP39PAR30LN/U/830/FL/ECO PB - Sylvania 6427039 Watt3000K
71492CMH39MR16/942/FL MR16 Flood 4200K - 7149239 Watt4200K
29698CMH39/TC/U/942/G8.5 39 Watt 4200K G8.5 Base39 Watt4200K
22124Ceramic Metal Halide CMH70/C/U/830/MED/GE - 22124 - Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp70 Watt3000K
67682Ceramic Metal Halide CMH70/T/UVC/U/930/G12 - 70 Watt 3000K G12 Base70 Watt3000K
92585Ceramic Metal Halide CMH70/T/U/830/G8.5 - Metal Halide - GE70 Watt3000K
20016Ceramic Metal Halide CMH70T/U/830/G12 - Metal Halide G12 Base - 3000K70 Watt3000K
222505CDM70PAR38/SP/3K - Philips 22250-570 Watt3000K
64750MCP70PAR38/U/830/FL/ECO - Sylvania 6475070 Watt3000K
64270MC70T6/DE/830 - Sylvania 6497270 Watt3000K
223370CDM70/T6/830 Ceramic Metal Halide Philips # 22337070 Watt3000K
373738CDM70/TC/830 Ceramic Metal Halide Philips # 37373870 Watt3000K
456475CDM70/PAR38/FL/3K ALTO ELITE - Philips 45647570 Watt3000K
231605CDM70/TD/830 - Philips 23160-5 - 70 Watt - T6 Philips # 23160570 Watt3000K
409151CDM-T 70W/930 G12 T6 - Philips 409151 - 70 Watt - T6 - Pulse Start - Metal Halide70 Watt3000K
409169CDM70/TC/930 Ceramic Metal Halide Philips # 40916970 Watt3000K
29701Ceramic Metal Halide CMH70/TC/U/942/G8.5 - 70 Watt 4200K G8.5 Base70 Watt4200K
281378Ceramic Metal Halide CDM70/T6/942 G12 - 70 Watt 4000K G12 Base70 Watt4200K
28137CDM-T 70W/942 G12 T6 - Philips 28137-8 - 70 Watt - T6 - Pulse Start - Metal Halide70 Watt4200K
40829CDM100/T6/930/G12/Elite Philips 40829100 Watt3000K
64752MCP100PAR38/U/830/SP/ECOPB - Sylvania 64752100 Watt3000K
92589Ceramic Metal Halide CMH150/TD/830/RX7S - Metal Halide Double Ended - 3000K - RX7S Base150 Watt3000K
232728CDM150/T6/830 150 Watt 3000K G12 Base150 Watt3000K
373696CDM150/T6/942 Ceramic Metal Halide Philips # 373696150 Watt3000K
220640CDM T9 ELITE 315W/942/U/E Philips MasterColor® 220640315 Watt4200K


Ceramic Metal Halide lamps (CMH) are often known as Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide lamps (CDM). Philips' CMH bulbs have excellent colour stability and produce higher colour rendition. Our new-generation Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs are used Outdoor offering efficient and pleasant white light.  Compact, single-ended, very high-efficiency, long-life ceramic metal-halide discharge lamp producing crisp white sparkling light with high color rendering Benefits • High-intensity beam of crisp white sparkling light makes merchandise look irresistible • Stable color and lumen output over life keeps your store attractive season after season • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership as a result of high efficacy (same light, less energy or same energy, more light) and long life.
A ceramic metal-halide lamp (CMH), also generically known as a ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamp, is a type of metal-halide lamp that is 10–20% more efficient than the traditional quartz metal halide and produces a superior color rendition (80-96 CRI).Applications for these lamps include shop lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and agricultural lighting including grow lights. A CMH light was first exhibited by the Thorn Lighting Group in 1981 at the Hannover World Light Fair, and the first commercial ceramic metal halide lamps were distributed by Philips in 1994.The term "Light Emitting Ceramic" (LEC) is sometimes generically used to describe ceramic metal-halide lamps in grow lights in general, though that term is actually the registered trademark of a specific brand of ceramic metal halide light.
The ceramic metal halide is a variation of the metal-halide lamp which is itself a variation of the old (high-pressure) mercury-vapor lamp. A CMH uses a ceramic arc tube instead of the fused quartz arc tube of a traditional metal halide lamp. Ceramic arc tubes allow higher arc tube temperatures, which some manufacturers claim results in better efficacy, color rendering, and color stability.
The discharge is contained in a ceramic tube, usually made of sintered alumina, similar to that used in the high pressure sodium lamp. During operation, the temperature of this ceramic tube can exceed 1200 kelvins. The ceramic tube is filled with mercury, argon and metal-halide salts (for example, sodium iodide). Because of the high wall temperature, the metal halide salts are partly vaporized. Inside the hot plasma, these salts are dissociated into metallic atoms and iodine.  The metallic atoms are the main source of light in these lamps, creating a white light with a CRI (color rendering index) of up to 96. The exact correlated color temperature and CRI depend on the specific mixture of metal halide salts.
There are also warm-white ceramic metal halide lamps, with somewhat lower CRI (78-82) which still give a more clear and natural-looking light than the old mercury-vapour and sodium-vapour lamps when used as street lights, besides being more economical to use.  The ceramic tube is an advantage in comparison to earlier fused quartz. During operation, at high temperature and radiant flux, metal ions tend to penetrate the silica, depleting the inside of the tube. Alumina is not prone to this effect.  CMH lights have a long life of up to 24,000 hours.