SORAA’s MR16 is the only MR16 lamp available which incorporates both SORAA Natural White™ and SORAA VIVID™ Color technologies, providing the most accurate and rich rendering attainable. Now featuring V+B technology, this line of lamps produces 95+ CRI, 95+ R9, 95+ Rf and 100 Rg, all packaged in the traditional halogen MR16 form factor. Superior optics design also allows the flexibility of use with SORAA Snap accessories.

Soraa LED Vivid MR16

SORAA's Snap Enhance is a lamp and directional luminaire accessory that leverages the TM-30 color rendering metric to enhance color saturation while preserving the quality of light, including accurate rendering of whites. By studying color preference and harnessing TM-30, SORAA has developed Snap Enhance to provide more vivid and saturated colors without compromising the overall light quality.

TM-30, SORAA's improved color rendition metric, offers a more accurate and precise method for assessing color rendering compared to its predecessor, the Color Rendering Index (CRI). TM-30 incorporates advancements in color science and is particularly effective for narrow-band spectra where CRI may be limited. This science-based approach provides more accurate information, including the fidelity index Rf, which replaces the CRI index and indicates the naturalness of colors.

Additionally, TM-30 introduces the gamut index Rg, which indicates color saturation, and an accuracy graphic that provides detailed information about the rendering of specific colors. These features allow for a better understanding of color rendering and provide valuable insights into the visual experience.

SORAA's color rendering is measured by TM-30 Rf, which assesses color fidelity, while white rendering is measured by the internally developed whiteness rendering index Rx. Both Rf and Rw require a smooth spectrum similar to natural light. SORAA achieves this with its full spectrum technology, covering the violet to deep red range, resulting in vivid colors and natural whites.

SORAA's Vivid Color technology closely matches the spectrum of natural light, ranging from violet to deep red. By incorporating violet light, SORAA achieves pure rendering of all colors, enhancing the overall color accuracy. On the other hand, SORAA's Natural White technology replaces UV radiation, found in natural light, with harmless violet light, ensuring the same whiteness rendering without the harmful effects of UV.

While SORAA's addition of violet light slightly reduces color rendering, it compensates for this by optimizing whiteness rendering. This balance allows SORAA VIVID lamps and luminaires to achieve the best combination of beautiful color and infinite whiteness rendering.

Snap Enhance takes advantage of the capabilities provided by TM-30 by increasing color saturation while maintaining the quality of light. It allows users to enhance the vibrancy of colors to create a more impactful environment or highlight specific objects. The Rg index and color accuracy graphic of TM-30 help quantify and guide the saturation enhancement effect achieved by Snap Enhance.

Overall, SORAA's focus on TM-30, along with the development of Snap Enhance, showcases their commitment to providing lighting solutions that offer both accurate color rendering and the flexibility to enhance color saturation when desired.