AR111 Light Bulbs

The SORAA VIVID AR111 was designed for environments that demand the ultimate in light quality. SORAA’s proprietary GaN on GaN technology enables us to create LEDs with a spectrum that spans violet through deep red, mimicking light found only in nature. Coupled with SORAA Point Source Optics™ for crisp beams, defined shadows, and a highly efficient design, AR111 is easy on power without sacrificing light quality.

VIVID SERIES: Our full-spectrum lamps bring market leading SORAA VIVID COLOR™ (CRI-95, R9-95) and our proprietary SORAA NATURAL WHITE™ (Rw 100) technology, with market-leading CBCP.

Applications: With its high output, narrow spot, crisp beam edge, and low glare, the SORAA AR111 is the ideal lamp for retail and hospitality lighting.