Elevate your outdoor lighting with the 36CC/LED/830/LS EX39 G3 BB 3/1 LED Corn Cobs by Philips. These LED replacement lamps are designed to be the ideal choice for various outdoor applications, offering intense illumination and visibility while significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional HID lamps


Get the perfect fixture fit at an affordable price.
Our new, smaller Philips CorePro LED Corn Cob lamps replace conventional metal halide
and high pressure sodium lamps, making it hassle-free to retrofit and maximize efficiency.
Designed to fit fixtures in most relevant applications, these omni-directional ballast-bypass lamps
offer an ideal and affordable way to upgrade existing HID fixtures to the latest LED technology.

• Passive Cooling lamps eliminate fan noise and reduces moving parts which require additional maintenance over time
• Up to 70% energy savings1
• Long life lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency
• UL Type B solution allows installer to bypass the ballast and reduce maintenance costs

• Offered in both mogul-based and medium-based options
• Wide ambient temperature operating range from -40°F to +113°F (-40°C to +45°C)
• Mogul-based lamps are DLC rated
• UL damp rated (UL1993 + UL1598C)
• Built in surge protection
• Passive cooling
• Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures (CCT)
• Universal burn positioning
• Suitable for both enclosed and open fixtures
• 5-year limited warranty2
• Additional High Wattage Corn Cob lamps available in our MasterClass range.