About Bodine
Bodine’s goal is to help you understand the technical and legal aspects of emergency lighting so that you can specify it with confidence. Bodine products are engineered so that, in the event of an emergency situation requiring building evacuation, emergency lighting guides occupants to the nearest path of egress, helps prevent injury en route and plays a key role in the smooth, successful passage of occupants to safety.

What we do
Bodine provides emergency solutions for the lighting industry. The company combines quality, reliability and code compliance to create products for a variety of applications. These applications include LED, fluorescent and auxiliary powered lighting. Products are sold through a nationwide network of manufacturers' representatives and electrical distributors for field installation or directly to lighting fixture manufacturers for factory installation.

LED Emergency Drivers
Bodine LED emergency drivers bypass the AC driver and operate the LED array directly when in the emergency mode. They allow for standard LED luminaires to serve as emergency lighting sources. The product line includes drivers designed for a variety of applications: indoor, outdoor egress, damp, cold temperatures, step lights.

Emergency Lighting Kits
Bodine’s emergency lighting retrofit kits convert virtually any luminaire into code-compliant emergency lighting, be it LED, fluorescent, TLED, or others. These kits are installed inside a luminaire but separate from the existing light source components. Installation is simple, but since the emergency lighting is integrated into the existing fixtures, the design aesthetic of the building is maintained. The kit’s emergency drivers provide the latest in Bodine technology while being optimized to work together with the included LED module to provide superior illumination during a power outage.

Emergency Lighting Inverters
Emergency lighting inverters supply AC mains power during a power loss and work with a variety of lighting systems (e.g., LED, fluorescent) and lamp types (e.g., LED strip system, Edison-based, fluorescent linear, CFL). In addition, they are suitable for almost any setting, including retail, commercial, hospitality, schools and healthcare. Emergency lighting inverters are an excellent choice for use with multiple fixtures and in cases where emergency LED drivers cannot be used, such as with integral-base lamps. They also offer the advantage of long-distance remote installation.

Emergency for generator systems
Bodine offers distinct products designed to work in conjunction with a generator or central inverter system to supply emergency lighting regardless of local light switch position. These devices sense the loss of normal power and, in response, switch the lighting load to a generator- or inverter-fed circuit or bypass local switching means, allowing emergency designated lighting circuits to turn on, no matter the local switch state

Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts
Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts allow you to easily covert new or existing fluorescent lamp fixtures into code complaint emergency lighting. Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts are compatible with most linear and compact lamps, operating most single and bi-pin fluorescent lamps, including U-shaped, HO, VHO, circline and energy-saving, and 4-pin long compacts. They are compatible with electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts. Bodine emergency ballasts are UL Listed for factory or field installation, provide at least 90 minutes of emergency lighting and can produce up to 3500 lumen initial light output, depending on the model.

PRT Accessories
Bodine provides a variety of accessories to support our full product line. Optional accessories, like remote installation kits or an array of test switch and charge indicator options, are available to customize and simplify your installation and special applications. Bodine can also provide several replacement components, to more easily replace wear components instead of the entire product. Only Bodine PRT emergency accessories are fully guaranteed to be compatible with their respective Bodine products.